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T-Wrex II $11


T-Wrex II

Footswitch PCB





Black Bird   $9

Tweedy Bird   $9

Xtc.   $9

Pastie Drive   $9




Ruckus     Discontinued
Ruckus / Idiot $9

Bruise Pro   $6 email for status
Blue Magic $6 email for status
Blue Vulcan $6

JFET Vulcan $6

Militant Chili   $6  
Sparkle Boost $6  
Professor Tweed   $6  
Tri-Vibe $9  
Peppermill $6  
Silk Hat OD   $6  
All-Star Reverb

(Very Limited Run)


email for status

Chasm Reverb w/ footswitch PCB

(Prototype Boards for Deadastronaut's Project)

Once the prototypes are exhausted, the boards will only be available through Deadastronaut $9

email for status



US Domestic - $2.25 up to 5 PCB's, $3.00 for 6 or more.

Standard International, package - $10 for any quantity.

Economy International, envelope - $2.25, up to 4 boards.

International shipping has become unpredictable recently due to changes at the USPS.

If actual Standard International shipping cost is significantly lower, I will refund the difference.